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  • PayPal's attack on Christanity and Free Speech
    PayPal announced they would start fining users up to $2500 for hate speech and discrimination in November of 2022. They backtracked on this issue then reaffirmed that they would fine users. Even if they do not start this process, it shows the company has become untrustworthy. As a Christian, if I say non-Christians cannot go to heaven, will that be considered hate speech or discrimination?

    We have decided to switch our giving platform to They are a Christian company that not only upholds free speech, but also prays with their clients. After creating an account and testing it, I actually got a phone call from them thanking me for using their platform and they prayed with me! As Christians we need to stick together.

    We are asking you to cancel your giving to us through PayPal and start giving through, while still leaving PayPal as an option.

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