•   Gnostic Works  
      Gospels: 15  
      Gospel of Barnabas  
      Gospel of Judas  
      Gospel of Mary  
      Gospel of Peter  
      Gospel of Philip  
      Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew  
      Gospel of the Egyptians  
      Gospel of the Hebrews  
      Gospel of the Nativity of Mary  
      Gospel of Thomas  
      Gospel of Truth  
      History of Joseph the Carpenter  
      Infancy Gospels  
      Protevangelium of James  
      Secret Gospel of Mark  
      Gnostic Acts: 16  
      Acts and Martyrdom of Matthew  
      Acts of Andrew and Matthias  
      Acts of BarnabasActs of John  
      Acts of Paul  
      Acts of Paul and Thecla  
      Acts of Peter and Andrew  
      Acts of Peter and Paul  
      Acts of Philip  
      Acts of Thaddeus  
      Acts of the Apostles  
      Acts of Thomas  
      Book of Thomas the Contender  
      Consummation of Thomas  
      Martyrdom of Andrew  
      Martyrdom of Bartholomew  
      Gnostic Epistles: 26  
      Authoritative Teaching  
      Dialogue of the Savior  
      Discourse on the Eighth and Ninth  
      Epistle of the Apostles  
      Letter of Peter to Philip  
      Marsanes On the Anointing  
      On the Baptism A, B  
      On the Eucharist A, B  
      On the Origin of the World*  
      Paraphrase of Seth  
      Paraphrase of Shem  
      Pistis Sophia  
      Prayer of Thanksgiving  
      Prayer of the Apostle Paul  
      Prayer of the Apostle Paul  
      Ptolemy's Letter to Flora  
      Second Book of Adam and Eve  
      Second Enoch  
      Second Treatise of the Great Seth  
      Sophia of Jesus Christ  
      Teaching / Preaching of Peter**  
      Third and Fourth Beruch  
      Third Enoch  
      Treatise on the Resurrection  
      A Valentinian Exposition  
      Gnostic Apocalypses: 14  
      Apocalypse of Adam  
      Apocalypse of Peter  
      Apocalypse of the Virgin  
      Apocryphon of James  
      Apocryphon of John  
      Ascension of Paul  
      Book of Revelations  
      First Revelation of James  
      Revelation of Esdras  
      Revelation of John  
      Revelation of Moses  
      Revelation of Paul  
      Second Revelation of James  
      Secrets of Enoch  
      Misc. Gnostic Works: 27  
      Avenging of the Savior  
      Book of Alcibades  
      Concept of Our Great Power  
      Eugnostos the Blessed  
      Exegesis on the Soul  
      First Book of Adam and Eve*  
      Hypostasis of the Archons  
      Interpretation of Knowledge  
      New Book of Psalms  
      Plato, Republic 588A-589B  
      Sentences of Sextus  
      Shepherd of Hermas**  
      Summer Harvest  
      Teachings of Silvanus  
      Testimony of Truth  
      Thought of Norea  
      Treatise on the Resurrection  
      Tripartite Tractate  
      Three Steles of Seth  
      Thunder, Perfect Mind  
      Three Forms of First Thought  
      Trimorphic Protennoia  
      Pseudo-Gnostic Works: 1  
      Salvonic Testament of Moses?  
      Forged Anti-Gnostic Works: 2  
    Epistle of Alexandrians
      Epistle of Laodiceans*  
        * a Real Version and a Gnostic version existed
        ** not directly Gnostic but related to it according to the church fathers