•   Book Canon(s) Included
      66 Books All Canons
      13 Apocyrpha All except Protestant
          Tobit, Sirach   also found in the DSS (Dead Sea Scrolls)
        The following canons include the 66, the 13, plus others
      3 Maccabees Greek, Syrian, Armenian, Georgian, Assyrian, Slavic
      4 Maccabees Greek*, Georgian
      Psalm 151 Greek, Syrian, Egyptian, Armenian, Ethiopian, Georgian, Assyrian, Slavic, ANF, DSS
      Ps. 152-156 DSS
    x 2 Esdras 3-14 Anglican, Syrian, Armenian, Georgian, Assyrian, Slavic, ANF
    x 2 Esdras 1-2 Anglican, Slavic*
    x 2 Esdras 15-16 Anglican, Slavic*
      Laodeceans Wycliff & Quaker Bibles
    x 1 Enoch Ethiopian, ANF, DSS
    x Jubilees Ethiopian, DSS
    x 3 Corinthans Syrian*, Armenian*,
    x Epistle of Barnabas ANF
      Life of Adam & Eve Armenian
      Joseph and Asenath Armenian*, Ethiopian*
      Apocalypse of Elijah Egyptian
      2 Baruch Syrian,
    x Twelve Patriarchs Armenian, DSS, ANF
    x Patriarchs (other) DSS
      Didache ANF
      Apocalypse of Baruch Syrian, Assyrian,
      Apoc of Abraham Slavic*
      Martyrdom of Isaiah Ethiopian
      Josephus' War VII* Ethiopian
      I-III Meqabyan Ethiopian
      4 Baruch Ethiopian
      Josippon Ethiopian
      Jannes and Jambres Ethiopian*, DSS
    x Book of Gad Cochin
      Book of Nathan Cochin
      Book of Iddo Cochin
      Book of Shemiah Cochin
      Book of Ahijah Cochin
      Beta Israel  
      Conversation of Moses  
      Death of Aaron  
      Death of Moses  
      Apoc. of Gorgorios  
      Book of Angels  
        * in some manuscripts but not all