Chronicle of the Early Britons
Geoffrey of Monmouth

On Ancient History

Geoffrey of Monmouth translated the Latin version of the "Chronicle of Early Britons" in 1136 AD. The Welch to English version is available in PDF format - 500k download.

Notable points from Geoffrey's history...

  1. The old name for Briton was Albion.
  2. The fall of Troy was before the battle of Trojan warrior Aeneas and Turnus fought in 2310 AM or 654 years after the flood.
  3. Aeneas son Ascanius married Lavinia and had a son named Silvanus, who had a son named Brutus.
  4. Brutus led the remnant of the Trojans from under the slavery of  Pandrasus, king of Greece, to the land to be known as Briton.
  5. The land of Briton was uninhabited except for a few giants. Brutus had the capital city built and it was called New Troy, afterwards renamed to Londan.
  6. New Troy was finished about the time Eli the Priest was ruler in Israel, and the Ark of the Covenant had been captured by the Philistines.
  7. There was an ancient temple of Apollo in London discovered at the time of Bladud. King Baldud practiced necromancy and worshiped Minerva and was killed in the ancient temple. this happened about the time King Solomon of Israel finished building the temple.
  8. Cunedagius ruled the entire kingdom for thirty-three years in peace. And about this time, on the eleventh day before [the feast of] Beltain, Rome was begun by the brothers Romulus and Remus. about the time of the prophet Iasiah ~ 753 BC
  9. Merlin had the giant ring (Stonehenge) moved from Ireland to Briton. Between 454 and 457 AD

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