Chronology of Jesus' Ministry

On Bible Studies

Reference   Festival Month Year
John 1 Jesus' baptism Tabernacles (September/October) AD 28
John 2:13 the first Passover Passover (March/April) AD 29
John 4:35 4 months till harvest   (January/February) AD 30
John 5:1 a feast Tabernacles (September/October) AD 30
John 6:4 a Passover Passover (March/April) AD 31
John 7:2 a Feast of Booths Tabernacles (September/October) AD 31
John 10:22 a Feast of Dedication Hanukah (November/December) AD 31
John 11:55 a Passover Passover (March/April) AD 32

John 4:35 has Jesus making the statement that it is 4 months until the harvest. The grain harvest is celebrated as the "Feast of Weeks." This occurs 50 days after Passover in May or June.

John 5:1 shows a feast where an angel troubles the water and heals people. The Talmud records this to be a one of the miracles that used to occur during the Feast of Tabernacles. All the temple miracles ceased to occur about 40 years before the destruction of the Temple by the Romans. (This would have been about the time of Jesus death.)

*Quirinius became governor of Syria in AD 6. Luke mentions the first census of Quirinius occurred during the birth of Jesus. Turtulian stated Quirinius delegated the taking of the first census to Gaius Sentius Saturninus, which dates about the same time as Herod the Great. Date: 6-2008