Hard Sayings of the New Testament

On Bible Studies
Poor in spirit Mt. 5:1 Humble Lk. 6:20 Poor
Not destroy, fulfill Law Mt. 5:17 Not to destroy or to change but fulfill then set aside. kataluw
Be perfect as heavenly Father Mt. 5:48 Lk. 6:36 merciful, Jn. 17:23 unity
Seek first the kingdom Mt. 6:33 Put God first and all your needs will be taken care of.
Evil of tomorrow Mt. 6:34 Cross that bridge when you come to it.
Have mercy not sacrifice Mt. 9:13;12:7 Compassion rather than pride. Lk. 18:10-14 Pharisee vs Publican 1 Jn. 4:7
According to your faith Mt. 9:29  
Laborers are few Mt. 9:38 Not many of God’s children want to do anything for Him.
More tolerable for Sodom Mt. 10:15 Having more proof and rejecting Him, it is better not to be born.
Wise as serpents Mt. 10:17 We are to know all of Satan and the world. 2 Cor. 2:11
Destroy body & soul Mt. 10:28 Separation of body and spirit and separation of soul from God.
Not peace but a sword Mt. 10:34 He came not to compromise but establish the truth.
find life, loose it Mt. 10:39;16:25; Jn. 12:25 Lk. 17:32-33 Lot’s wife
Heaven suffers violence Mt. 11:12 John the Baptist fulfilled this prophecy from Mic. 2:12-13.
Satan cast out Satan Mt. 12:26 Satan will not do something to hinder his own efforts.
Blasphemy of Holy Spirit Mt. 12:31 Knowingly attributing the work of the Holy Spirit to the devil.
Parables so not understand Mt. 13:14, Lk. 8:10 If truly understood, the people would have stopped the crucifixion.
Leaven of the Pharisees Mt. 16:6 Hypocrisy Lk. 12:1
Keys of the Kingdom Mt. 16:19 The church, not the Sanhedrin, decides what is proper behavior.
not die until see Jesus’ kingdom Mt. 16:28 The age of grace. Lk. 9:27
Mustard seed faith Mt. 17:20 Just trying shows some faith.
Humble as children Mt. 18:4 Lk. 18:10-14 Pharisee & Publican.
Bind/loose...2 agree Mt. 18:18-19 Keys to the Kingdom.
First is last & last is first Mt. 19:30;20:16; Lk. 13:30 Mt. 6:33
Many called few chosen Mt. 22:14;20:16 All called for salvation, but few chosen for a gift. Eph 4:11
Receive all things Mt. 21:22 If in faith and it is His will 1John
To Caesar, To God Mt. 22:21; Lk.20:25 Obey the government unless it commands you to disobey the Word.
God of living, not dead Mt. 22:32; Lk.20:38 The dead in Christ have eternal life right now.
Exalted-abased Mt. 23:12; Lk.14:11 Lk. 18:10-14 Pharisee & Publican.
Weightier matters Mt. 23:23 Justice, mercy, and faith.
Love of many wax cold Mt. 24:12 Distracted by the world & begin to forget about Jesus.
Kingdom at hand Mk. 1:15 It is here! Mk. 14:42
Whole don't need physician Mk. 2:17 We are all sinners, & those who don’t understand should be taught.
Jesus is LORD of Sabbath Mk. 2:28 Jesus created the Sabbath for rest not to be worshipped.
Good or evil on Sabbath Mk. 3:4; Lk. 6:9 One of the highest forms of worship is an act of love. Jms. 1:27
Ears to hear Mk. 4:9 This phrase means a riddle has just been given.
without honor in own house Mk. 6:4 We respect strangers more than members of our own family.
In vain they worship Me Mk. 7:7 They honor, but do not seek a personal relationship with, God.
Children’s bread given to dogs Mk. 7:27
first is last, last is first Mk. 9:35;10:31 Mt. 6:33
If hand offends, cut it off Mk. 9:43 Those who sin in a rebellious manor must be excommunicated.
Salted with fire/salt Mk. 9:49 We endure trials to help us conform to the image of Christ.
watch, be not found sleeping Mk. 13:36-7 Don’t be found practicing evil at the return.
call not righteous but sinners Lk. 5:32 The highest act of worship is obedience. Jms 1:27
Old wine, old skins, old is better Lk. 5:39; Mt. 9:17; Mk. 2:22 The promise of God is better than the Law of angles. Gal. 3:14-19
The least is greater than John Lk. 7:28
Wisdom justified by her children Lk. 7:35 The wise are known in time by their deeds in time.
Take care how you hear Lk. 8:18 Misunderstanding scripture can have disastrous consequences.
has,given & has not,taken away Lk. 8:18;19:26 Taken away from the Jews and given to the Church
not against us is for us Lk. 9:50; Mk. 9:40 If they believe the essentials then they are Christian.
Look back, not fit for kingdom Lk. 9:62 Lk. 17:32-33 Lot’s wife
not with Me is against Me Lk. 11:23; Mt. 12:30 If they don’t agree with the essentials of the historic Christian faith they are not Christian.
these done but others undone Lk. 11:42 Mt. 23:23 Justice, mercy, faith.
as graves, men walk over you Lk. 11:44 Not discerning they fall into the pit of false doctrine.
Many stripes Lk. 12:47 The mature in Christ are judged harsher. Jms. 3:1
Many seek but are not able Lk. 13:24 We must continually strive to enter the kingdom of heaven.
Kingdom of God is within you Lk. 17:21 Jesus, being the King, was among them.
where body is, eagles are gathered Lk. 17:37
Son comes, will there be faith? Lk. 18:8 When Jesus comes back will there be any true believers?
counted worthy to escape Lk. 21:36 Raptured out of the Great Tribulation
cup and bread Lk. 22:19-20 Are symbolic. Jn. 18:11
Pray not to be tempted Lk. 22:46 Gal. 6:2 Pride comes before a fall
not a house of merchandise Jn. 2:16 Show proper respect in the house of God.
Destroy this temple Jn. 2:19 Jesus' body.
be born again Jn. 3:5 To be spiritually alive, having a relationship with God.
Living water Jn. 4:10; 7:38 Guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit.
Worship in Spirit & truth Jn. 4:24 True worship is from the heart and without deception.
Him hath the Father sealed Jn. 6:27 God’s predestined plan for Jesus would come true no mater what!
Father draw him Jn. 6:44,65 To truly comprehend God, He must first revel Himself to you.
Son makes you free Jn. 8:36 If Jesus frees you nothing can have power over you.
not understand My speech Jn. 8:43 Sinners would use the knowledge of the future against God.
Blind have no sin but when they say, "we see," their sin remains. Jn. 9:41 The blood of Jesus covers unknown sin, but if it is known and covered up instead of repented of it is not forgiven.
sickness not for death but God's glory Jn. 11:4
Holy Spirit teach you all things Jn. 14:26 If you keep studying on your own instead of just with a group.
Glory before the world was Jn. 17:5 All the glory of being equal with the Father. Phil. 2:6
not take them out of the world Jn. 17:15 Experience all that is good in the world and use it for God’s glory.
Sanctify them in truth Jn. 17:17 They are set apart by knowing the whole truth.
Touch me not Jn. 20:17
sins you remit or retain Jn. 20:23 Keys to the Kingdom
Grace Favor, or pardon
Faith Trusting in the Messiah, Hebrews 4:2
Being under sin Romans 3:9 See Law of sin. Galatians 3:22; Romans 11:32
Overthrow the Law Romans 3:31 Ignore moral law and practice sin.
Uphold/Establish the Law Romans 3:31 Avoid sin and practice righteousness. Moral law, Romans 7:22,25
Justified Romans 3:24 Pardoned or forgiven of all sins
Redemption Romans 3:24 Trusting in Jesus to save you without the works of the Law of Moses.
Not reckon sin Romans 4:8 Sin not accounted to us. Romans 4:6 Forgiven
Righteousness of faith Romans 4:13 Your faith being accepted as complete righteousness. Philippians 3:9
Reconciled Romans 5:10 Sins out of the way and the relationship with God is re-established.
Sin not reckoned Romans 5:13 If you are not under the Law because you walk in the Spirit, sin is not counted against you. Romans 7:8
Gift of righteousness Romans 5:17 Your faith being accepted as complete righteousness. Philippians 3:9
Sin so grace abounds Romans 6:1 We never willfully sin to bring glory to God. Romans 3:7
You are dead to sin Romans 6:2 Being separated from sin.
Walk in newness of life Romans 6:4 Practicing righteousness and not sin.
Old self was crucified Romans 6:6 Being justified. Galatians 2:19
Body of sin/death Romans 6:6 Death penalty for sin is destroyed. katargeo Romans 7:24
Not enslaved to sin Romans 6:6 Being separated from sin.
You have died Romans 6:7 Being separated from sin. You are freed from sin’s power to cause spiritual death.
Death is no master Romans 6:9 Christ is freed from death never to die again.
Count as dead to sin Romans 6:11 Not having anything to do with willful sin. 1 Peter 4:1-2
Sin not your master Romans 6:14 Sin cannot cause death any more as long as you are walking in the Spirit. Romans 6:6,9
Not under the Law but grace Romans 6:14 Not having sin counted against you. See Romans 5:13
Free from sin Romans 6:18 Unto righteousness. Being separated from sin. 1 Peter 2:24
Free from righteousness Romans 6:20 Unto sin. Being separated from the righteousness of faith.
Dead to the Law Romans 7:4,6 Being separated from the Law.
Is the Law sin? Romans 7:7 If you realize you are keeping part of the Law are you sinning?
Sin is dead Romans 7:8 If you are not under the Law because you walk in the Spirit, sin is not being counted against you.
A slave under sin Romans 7:14 Not being able to stop sinning even though you want to. Romans 7:19
Law of God Romans 7:22 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
Law of my mind Romans 7:23 With his mind he really wants to do righteousness and not sin.
In Christ Romans 8:1 Be saved, have a relationship with God.
Law of the Spirit Romans 8:2 Setting your mind on righteousness and forgetting about sin.
Law of sin Romans 8:2 Born with sinful nature, we sin and that always produces death. James 1:15
Walking in the Spirit Romans 8:5 Concentrating on righteousness and not on unrighteousness.
Walking in the flesh Romans 8:5 Concentrating on sin or even worrying about how not to sin
Righteousness Romans 8:10 Righteousness of faith Romans 4:13
In the Spirit Romans 8:9 Being saved, have a relationship with God.
In the flesh Rom 8:9;7:5 Being unsaved.
Law of works Rom 9:30-32 Trying to be saved and stay saved by keeping the Law of Moses. Romans 10:3-11
Christ, the end of the Law Rom 10:4;3-13 When Christ came the Law was fulfilled and then done away. Galatians 3:23-35 Heb 10:9
Righteousness of faith Rom 10:6;4:13 Faith being counted as complete righteousness. Romans 10:9,10
God imprisoned all Romans 11:32 Counted everyone as sinners so He could be merciful.
Not of faith is sin Romans 14:23 Even if something is not wrong violating your conscience is sin.
Turn over to Satan 1 Cor. 5:5 Excommunicated from the church.
All things are lawful 1 Cor. 10:23;6:12 If something is not listed as sin you are free to do it.
Not all beneficial 1 Cor. 10:23;6:12 Even if it is lawful it may not be good for you.
To believe in vain 1 Cor. 15:2 James 2:19 Believing but not acting on Scripture is useless. 1 Peter 1:7, Hebrews 4:2
Walk by faith 2 Cor. 5:7 Continuing to trust the Messiah in everything
We, righteousness of God 2 Cor. 5:21 Forgiven and now walking in the Spirit we are truly righteous. (by faith)
Accept grace in vain 2 Cor. 6:1 James 2:19 Believing but not acting on Scripture is useless. James 1:22-25
Dead to the Law Galatians 2:19 Being separated from the Law.
Christ no benefit to you Galatians 5:2 Your freedom in Christ is nullified.
Fallen away from grace Galatians 5:4 Your freedom in Christ is nullified.
Not inherit the Kingdom Galatians 5:21 Sinners/unsaved are damned. 1 John 3:9
Crucified the flesh Galatians 5:24 Not having anything to do with willful sin. Romans 6:11
Guided by the Spirit Galatians 5:25 Following the Holy Spirit's guidance.
Law of Christ Galatians 6:2 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
World crucified to me Galatians 6:14 Not having anything to do with willful sin. Romans 6:11
Old self/man Ephesians 4:22 Old nature inherited from Adam, the part of you wanting to sin.
Spirit of your mind Ephesians 4:23  
New self/man Ephesians 4:24 A new nature, given by God, giving you the desire to do right.
Work out own salvation Philippians 2:12 Be careful to fulfill God's will for your life, what you were saved for.
Christ in you Colossians 1:27 Being saved.
Circumcision of Christ Colossians 2:11 To worship in spirit, Philippians 3:2-3
Were raised with Him Col. 2:12-14 Ephesians 2:6; Colossians 3:1 To be saved, and have a new life in Christ. Romans 6:4
Angel worship Col. 2:18 Going back under the Law of Moses. Galatians 3:19
Will worship (KJV) Col. 2:23 Setting up your own legalistic code.
Put to death the flesh Col 3:5; 2:11 Not having anything to do with willful sin. Romans 6:11
Defraud 1 Thess. 4:6 To wrong or exploit, seduce or swindle.
Abolished death 2 Tim. 1:10 Separated from death and alive to God. (katargeo = indirectly)
Impossible to restore Heb. 6:4 Once you commit apostasy you loose your salvation and can never be saved again.
No longer a sacrifice Heb. 10:26-31 Continuing to reject Christ leads to damnation. Heb 10:10 Compare 1 John 3:9
Root of Bitterness Heb. 12:15  
Holiness/sanctification    Set apart to God, willing to do whatever He says
Royal law James 2:8 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
Law of liberty James 2:12 If something is not listed as sin and it doesn’t hurt you or .your brother you are free to do it. Rom 14:23
Faith is dead James 2:17 Believing in vain.
Perfect man James 3:2 Someone who controls his tongue.
Cover a multitude of sin James 5:20 True love forgives all trespasses repented of. 1 Peter 4:8 (Proverbs. 17:9 NIV)
Promise freedom but are slaves/corrupt 2 Peter 2:19 Legalistic codes and liberalism both bring bondage.
Partakers of divine nature 2 Peter 1:4 Conforming to the image of Christ. Romans 8:29
The last, worse than first 2 Peter 2:20-22 Turning your back on Christ. Romans 9:32 Luke 12:45-48
Walk in the light 1 John 1:6 Acknowledge all the truth 1 John 2:8
Walk in darkness 1 John 1:7 Willfully ignoring the truth.
Love the world 1 John 2:15 Loving to sin.
Born of God can’t sin 1 John 3:9 Christians can’t willfully persist in sin, because of the new nature. 1 John 1:8
Commandments of Christ 1 John 3:23 Believing in Christ and loving one another 1 John 2:3,7,8
Walk as Jesus walked 1 John 2:6 Follow Jesus’ example and teaching.
The Christ/Messiah 1 John 2:22 God in human form.
Son of God 1 John 4:15 God in human form.
Come in the flesh 1 John 4:2 God became man and dwelt among us. John 1:1,14
Born of God 1 John 5:1 Saved, given eternal life.
Sin unto death 1 John 5:16 A sin that led to physical death.
Walk in truth 2 John 4 Stand for truth and against heresy 3 John 3,4
Walk in love 2 John 6 "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."
Love 2 John 6 Walking according to His commandments.
Teaching of Christ 2 John 9 Jesus is God in human form.
Pray in the Holy Spirit Jude 20 Praying with the Holy Spirit's help.