Ancient Flood Legends

On Legends

These are legends taken from different peoples from around the world.  There are some 600 such legends from various places. Some of these are very similar to the Biblical narrative, while others differ from point to point. This proves that knowledge of Noah's flood existed among all peoples.

  1. There is the remarkable epic of Gilgamesh story that tells of a hero who escaped a worldwide flood with many parallels to the Genesis story.

  2. The Koran, in Sura 7, tells of Allah sending "Noah unto his people... I fear for you for the retribution of an awful day...We saved him and those with him in the ship, and we drowned those who denied our token."

  3. The Popul Vuh, the holy book of the Quiche Maya, tells of a great flood through which the Mayan ancestors came to the western hemisphere.

  4. The ancient Egyptians had a legend that the gods had purified the earth by a great flood. Only a few shepherds escaped. In another legend, Surid, a pre-dynastic king was warned of a flood in a dream. He built the two greatest of the Pyramids, recording the secret sciences, the positions of the stars, and all that was known of arithmetic and geometry on their walls. Curiously, the outer casings of the pyramids were removed long ago, and the queen's chamber of Khufu's pyramid shows a curious high water mark inside.

  5. In Greek tradition, Deucalion and his wife Pyrrha were warned that the gods would bring a great flood. They built a great boat and escaped with their family. The boat rested on Mt. Parnassus. He sent out a dove twice. They flung stones over their heads which became new men and women.

  6. Old Persian traditions speak of a hero named Yima who carefully screened a thousand couples in good health and of good habits to share his three story deep "vara" or bunker lined with clay and equipped with underground streets while fires, floods, and earthquakes ravaged the earth.

  7. The great flood in Welsh epics, was known as The Third Catastrophe of Briton. The survivors were Dyfwan and Dyfwach.

  8. The Icelandic Edda speaks of heaven splitting in two, and the sun and the stars disappearing as the earth sinks into the sea and massive fires rage.

  9. In Chinese tradition, Fa-He, the founder of Chinese civilization, escaped a great flood when man rebelled against heaven. His wife and three sons and three daughters escaped with him.

  10. The Druids of England had a legend of a righteous patriarch whose descendants repopulated the earth after it was destroyed in a great flood.

  11. Polynesians have flood legends from which there were eight survivors.

  12. Mexicans record that one man and his family were saved in a ship when the earth was destroyed by a flood.

  13. In Peruvian legend, many years before the Incas, one man and one woman escaped in a box that floated in the flood waters. In another legend six people survived on a float.

  14. The Mechoachans believed that a single family escaped a flood with sufficient animals to replenish the new world.

  15. In Cuba there persists a legend about an old man who escaped a flood in a great ship.

  16. In Tahiti, The supreme God became very angry and dragged the earth through the sea, but their island broke off and was saved.

  17. In Persian legend, Ahiran the evil one corrupted the world and it was destroyed by raindrops the size of a bulls head.

  18. In the Scandinavian Edda, the oceans of the earth are the blood of the great giant Ymir who was slain by the early gods. All were drowned except a man and woman who escaped in a bark.

  19. In the legends of the Brazilians there are accounts of a worldwide flood.

  20. American Indians have various legends in which 1, 3, or 8 people were saved from a flood in a boat on a high mountain.

  21. The Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters and White Bear, tells of great cities and civilizations that ended because "when the people had what they wanted, they wanted more still and wars began." finally cities were destroyed by a weapon called patuwvotas (possibly some kind of bomb) in wars that culminated when the lands and the sea changed places destroying everything.

  22. A similar story occurs in the Hindu Mahabarata, with a chilling and vivid account of ancient war between the gods. A dreadful bomb called the Thunderbolt of Death or the Iron Thunderbolt exploded with the brightness of ten thousand suns killing thousands of the enemy with billowing death clouds, spreading upward and opening like giant parasols, sucking upward into its center soldiers, chariots, horses, and elephants. It left burned, unrecognizable corpses in its wake. Survivors were horribly burned and disfigured. Their hair and nails fell out and their skin decayed away. Food was contaminated and the people needed to wash themselves in a flowing stream. Later, it tells of Manu, who alone built a ship and escaped a great flood, landing on Mt. Hivamet in northern India.

  23. And in another legend, an evil demon stole the sacred books from Brahma and corrupted the whole land except seven Nishis and Satyavrata, who were visited by the god Vishnu and who warned them to escape a coming flood in a miraculous vessel.

  24. A legend from Greenland says the earth once tilted over. All were drowned except a man and a woman who repeopled the earth.

  25. Among the Tamanacs & Maypures and the Indians of Rio Erevato in South America are legends of the "age of water" when a man and a woman saved themselves on a mountain called Tamanacu on the banks of the Asiveru River. They cast fruits from a palm tree that became the men and women who repeopled the earth.

Taken from "The Lost Ship of Noah" by Charles Burlitz and Halleys Handbook of the Bible

Date: 3-2004