The 70 Apostles
by Hippolytus

On the early church
  1. James the Lord's brother, bishop of Jerusalem. 
  2. Cleopas, bishop of Jerusalem. 
  3. Matthias, who supplied the vacant place in the number of the twelve apostles. 
  4. Thaddeus, who conveyed the epistle to Augarus. 
  5. Ananias, who baptized Paul, and was bishop of Damascus. 
  6. Stephen, the first martyr. 
  7. Philip, who baptized the eunuch. 
  8. Prochorus, bishop of Nicomedia, who also was the first that departed, believing together with his daughters. 
  9. Nicanor died when Stephen was martyred. 
  10. Timon, bishop of Bostra. 
  11. Parmenas, bishop of Soli. 
  12. Nicolaus, bishop of Samaria. 
  13. Barnabas, bishop of Milan. 
  14. Mark the evangelist, bishop of Alexandria. *
  15. Luke the evangelist. *
  16. Silas, bishop of Corinth. 
  17. Silvanus, bishop of Thessalonica. 
  18. Crisces (Crescens), bishop of Carchedon in Gaul. 
  19. Epaenetus, bishop of Carthage. 
  20. Andronicus, bishop of Pannonia. 
  21. Amplias, bishop of Odyssus. 
  22. Urban, bishop of Macedonia. 
  23. Stachys, bishop of Byzantium. 
  24. Barnabas, bishop of Heraclea. 
  25. Phygellus, bishop of Ephesus. He was of the party also of Simon. 
  26. Hermogenes. He, too, was of the same mind with the former. 
  27. Demas, who also became a priest of idols. 
  28. Apelles, bishop of Smyrna. 
  29. Aristobulus, bishop of Britain. 
  30. Narcissus, bishop of Athens. 
  31. Herodion, bishop of Tarsus. 
  32. Agabus the prophet. 
  33. Rufus, bishop of Thebes. 
  34. Asyncritus, bishop of Hyrcania. 
  35. Phlegon, bishop of Marathon. 
  1. Hermes, bishop of Dalmatia. 
  2. Patrobulus, bishop of Puteoli. 
  3. Hermas, bishop of Philippi. 
  4. Linus, bishop of Rome. 
  5. Caius, bishop of Ephesus. 
  6. Philologus, bishop of Sinope.
  7. Olympus and Rhodion were martyred in Rome. 
  8. Rhodion was martyred in Rome. 
  9. Lucius, bishop of Laodicea in Syria. 
  10. Jason, bishop of Tarsus. 
  11. Sosipater, bishop of Iconium. 
  12. Tertius, bishop of Iconium. 
  13. Erastus, bishop of Panellas. 
  14. Quartus, bishop of Berytus. 
  15. Apollo, bishop of Caesarea. 
  16. Cephas.
  17. Sosthenes, bishop of Colophonia. 
  18. Tychicus, bishop of Colophonia. 
  19. Epaphroditus, bishop of Andriace. 
  20. Caesar, bishop of Dyrrachium. 
  21. Mark, cousin to Barnabas, bishop of Apollonia. 
  22. Justus, bishop of Eleutheropolis. 
  23. Artemas, bishop of Lystra. 
  24. Clement, bishop of Sardinia. 
  25. Onesiphorus, bishop of Corone. 
  26. Tychicus, bishop of Chalcedon. 
  27. Carpus, bishop of Berytus in Thrace. 
  28. Evodus, bishop of Antioch. 
  29. Aristarchus, bishop of Apamea. 
  30. Mark, who is also John, bishop of Bibloupolis. 
  31. Zenas, bishop of Diospolis. 
  32. Philemon, bishop of Gaza. 
  33. Aristarchus 
  34. Pudes
  35. Trophimus, who was martyred along with Paul.

* These two belonged to the seventy disciples who were scattered by the offence of the Word which Christ spoke, "Except a man eat My flesh, and drink My blood, he is not worthy of Me." But the one being induced to return to the Lord by Peter's instrumentality, and the other by Paul's, they were honored to preach that gospel on account of which they also suffered martyrdom, the one being burned, and the other being crucified on an olive tree.