Bible Studies


  Witnessing to Jews (8 Min)
  Witnessing to Muslims (9 Min)
  Ancient Word of God ( 55 Min) 
  Revelation (Animation)

  Witnessing to Buddhists
  Witnessing to Masons ( 5 Min)
  30 Sayings of the Wise 43 Min
  Heb.6 Elementary Prin 71 Min
  Apostasy (7/05) 63 Min
  Creation History 65 Min
  Walking in Faith 51 Min

 Godly Obedience
 Hard Sayings of the N.T.  
 Healing Faith
 Improper Speech
 Immortality of the Soul
 Pork and the Sabbath
 Salvation by Faith Alone
 Will of God
 Commands of Jesus 
 Elders and Deacons    
 Proverbs Chart 
 Spiritual Gifts Chart 
Time Lines
 Jesus' Ministry